[Android] A helper class to create recyclerview-based fast-scrolling spinner
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SwipeSpinnerWidget demo


Download Demo APK (for Android Lollipop+)

A helper class which turns any existing recycler view to a spinner that allows the user to scroll the whole list through a single dragging gesture. The use of recycler view ensures better performance and better long-term support. Both vertical and horizontal scrolling are supported; set the orientation by using LinearLayoutManager.setOrientation(int). Customization is not included in the helper class; check the companion demo app to see how to add indication arrows and for other tricks.


The helper class is backward-compatible the same way as RecyclerView. The demo app is Lollipop+ due to vector drawables.


Based on original UX design by Oleg Frolov

Include it in your app

  1. Copy SwipeSpinnerHelper.Java class to your app

  2. Add dependencies 'com.android.support:support-dynamic-animation' and 'com.android.support:recyclerview-v7'

How to use

Bind recycler view object to SwipeSpinnerHelper class using static method

You can use this with any RecyclerView object as long as you use LinearLayoutManager.