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Make Skyfire Happy, ridiculous.

Stop bother us now.
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1 parent a51d16d commit ea715d3f300dc72b48ff5ff96538d1c117cedbe9 Nevan committed Apr 7, 2012
@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ bool ChatHandler::HandleServerInfoCommand(const char* /*args*/)
std::string uptime = secsToTimeString(sWorld->GetUptime());
uint32 updateTime = sWorld->GetUpdateTime();
PSendSysMessage(LANG_CONNECTED_PLAYERS, playersNum, maxPlayersNum);
PSendSysMessage(LANG_CONNECTED_USERS, activeClientsNum, maxActiveClientsNum, queuedClientsNum, maxQueuedClientsNum);
PSendSysMessage(LANG_UPTIME, uptime.c_str());
@@ -933,7 +933,7 @@ void WorldSession::HandlePlayerLogin(LoginQueryHolder* holder)
uint32 MaxPlayersNum = sWorld->GetMaxPlayerCount();
std::string uptime = secsToTimeString(sWorld->GetUptime());
SkyFire Apr 8, 2012

chH.PSendSysMessage(_CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION_2, _FULLVERSION); // Put this back

Thema89 Apr 8, 2012 Member

Is this a code suggestion ? Sorry, we prefer a cleaner log file. Thanks anyway for the hint. Every suggestion is always well accepted.

chH.PSendSysMessage(LANG_CONNECTED_PLAYERS, PlayersNum, MaxPlayersNum);
chH.PSendSysMessage(LANG_UPTIME, uptime.c_str());
@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ PEXCEPTION_POINTERS pExceptionInfo)
// Start out with a banner
- _tprintf(_T("Revision: %s\r\n"), _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION_2, _FULLVERSION);
SkyFire Apr 8, 2012

_tprintf(_T("Revision: %s\r\n"), _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION_2, _FULLVERSION); // Put this back.

Thema89 Apr 8, 2012 Member

(same as above, thanks anyway)

+ _tprintf(_T("Revision: %s\r\n"), _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION, _FULLVERSION);
_tprintf(_T("Date %u:%u:%u. Time %u:%u \r\n"), systime.wDay, systime.wMonth, systime.wYear, systime.wHour, systime.wMinute);
PEXCEPTION_RECORD pExceptionRecord = pExceptionInfo->ExceptionRecord;
@@ -32,9 +32,9 @@
# define _ENDIAN_STRING "little-endian"
-#define _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION "4.0.6a - 13623"
+#define _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION "4.0.6a - 13623 (c)DarkCore <>"
-#define _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION_2 "4.0.6a - 13623 (c)DarkCore <>" // DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER OUR COPYRIGHTS!
+//#define _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION_2 "4.0.6a - 13623 (c)ProjectSkyfire <>" // DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER OUR COPYRIGHTS!
SkyFire Apr 8, 2012

define _CLIENT_BUILD_REVISION_2 "4.0.6a - 13623 DarkCore Powered by (c)ProjectSkyfire" // DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER OUR COPYRIGHTS! // And I will be happy.

Thema89 Apr 8, 2012 Member

Sorry, I cannot satify your request. It will result in a GPL license violation (point 5: Conveying Modified Source Versions. See 5a and 5b and "GPL rebranding" issue for more info)

The only cleaner way would be to remove EVERY copyright string (that are actually present in the header, so it's only repetitive and messy, but as you said we aren't allowed by you to alter your copyright strings)
Even the comment in inappropriate, thanks for pointing out. I'll fix it asap.

# ifdef _WIN64

4 comments on commit ea715d3

SkyFire commented on ea715d3 Apr 8, 2012

It's still altered! when you do ".server info" the proper copyrights are not going to be displayed. Just make the proper edits and we will stfu.

Thema89 commented on ea715d3 Apr 8, 2012

.server info is a FEATURE. We can do whatever we want with a feature, thanks God.
Your copyright string is exactly where you want it to be.
Plus, we must not give erroneus information about our project: it isn't powered by skyfire team, is BASED upon it, that is a completely different thing (the first statement would be an illegal assertion, the second one is an imposition by GPL)

SkyFire commented on ea715d3 Apr 8, 2012

You are using an open source project for an illegal private server. Do you need me to draw anymore attention to this?

Thema89 commented on ea715d3 Apr 8, 2012

So that's the matter for you, no copyrights-related bullshit.
You don't have to threat anybody by the way, don't play with words guy... you wouldn't be talking to me in this moment if no "illegal private group" as you call it wouldn't have created the first GPL code you started working on.
Plus, can you proof illegality? As I know, the only server that uses this core is 100% OK with the local laws, even with the financial ones.

I'm a developer, I work on a free GPL project, nothing else.
So do what you want, THIS code will remain as it is until GPL licence will deny any of the feature you want.

And if you still don't have any idea of what GPL talks about, sorry pal, I don't play your game anymore.
I won't reply to futher foolishnesses.

Best regards.

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