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Stuff - Repo for things im just trying out, day to day things

This repository doesn't have anything interesting in it project wise. It's just my dumpster-Repository for things i want to figure out, and probably use it on a daily basis. As you probably can see, it has alot of trash commits(like, im just reformatting things because i forgot that beforehand), but others contain things i found very insightfull.

Most of the things here have no Makefile and can probably just build right away with GCC/Clang. The snips/bmp directory has an own Makefile that you can use, and just dont look at the net/ directory. It isn't worth it yet lol. Had a lot of work put into the json parser that can recurse infinitly into something, but as well is just written because i had never written some parser in C++, or even a serious parser in itself, beforehand. Im pretty proud of my snips/PRNGs/Mersenne_Twister/tt800, because it's the first PRNG i wrote based on a mathematical description myself. It is thought to be introduced to SerenityOS because it has currently no "good"(not that the tt800 is good, but it is not worse!) one. I'll see when i can get it into it.

But besides that i found it very nice to have just a repository to dump anything in i can.

In LiGi is a pretty useful Makefile right now :) 11.12: Also works now from gcc/clang with any -O \o/


Random Stuff Repo - Dropping little projects here, that aren't worth any own repository yet