This is a reconstruction of a Cray-2 in Verilog. The long term goal is to make a clock cycle functional equivalent that will run on an FPGA board.
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Welcome to the Readme file for the Cray-2 Reboot project!

The goal of this project is to make a clock and gate equivalent recreation of a Cray Research Cray-2 supercomputer that will run on an FPGA board. Resources permitting, a small IC run using MOSIS or CMP will be the stretch goal for the project.

This project will be made of a number of phases:

  1. Conversion of module logic to working Verilog code

  2. Cleanup of Verilog code

  3. Interconnecting all the Verilog together into a functional machine

  4. Software emulation of the Verilog code for verification

  5. Recovery and/or creation of basic OS & C compiler for the system (c complier will likely be a translated version of TCC)

  6. Testing on FPGAs