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Realtime searching across multiple code base repositories
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SpiderRT lets you search for specific terms across multiple code base repositories, regardless of their language.

Useful for knowing what projects may be using a certain database table, method in a shared library, etc.

Future plans include:

  • Proper tests!
  • Make the indexing/VCS polling code a service that'll run periodically
  • Handle file deletions from Solr when they're deleted from the code repository
  • Support multiple VCS providers (SVN, Hg, etc)
  • Show relevant line from file match and highlight the search term in the web UI
  • Ability to save searches that are then exposed via a RESTful URL (so tests you write can get that data and throw up a failing build if unallowed searches crop up again)
  • Ability to import VCS roots from at least TeamCity, possibly Jenkins too
  • Speed improvements (only re-indexing updated files rather than all of them, etc.)
  • More complete website UI that lets you set VCS roots & file/directory indexing exclusions, looks prettier, etc.
  • Provide the option of an embedded RavenDB instance so it doesn't require a separate instance
  • Ensure the whole stack can run on Mono
  • Index commit messages and make them searchable
  • More advanced search functionality (look ahead/behind, only certain file types, etc.)
  • Easier deployment story
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