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Simple BackboneJS app for use in demo at Arc90


Install server:

I've setup a little Sinatra server to handle the backend for the demo. This interfaces with a SQLite DB for persistence. There is a Bundler Gemfile present to install dependencies for you. So let's install Bundler and our dependencies:

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

Optional - I like to use Thin as my dev server, but you don't have to, Sinatra will use WebBrick by default. If you want to use Thin then just $ gem install thin.

Setup ze DB

The DB is part of the Repo, so if you have SQLite3 installed you can just go. There is a little Ruby script called prepdb.rb that will reload the DB to its default state whenever you want (say, after you've deleted a bunch of photos or something.) So you could run that now with $ ruby prepdb.rb just to make sure everything is working.

Launch server

$ ruby server.rb

And then point your browser to


View the interactive slide deck

Point your browser to

Or you can view them on Heroku -

Why you make this?

I needed to demo basic Backbone.js features for my co-workers at


This project was originally made using images from Instagram (via the Statigram API). Afterwards I quit Instagram over their changes in licensing after the Facebook acquisition. The photos now in use are very low resolution Flickr images.


Simple BackboneJS app for use in a demo at Arc90



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