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I don't care how it works, just let me play the damn game.

Make sure you have Java installed.

Download RPS. Open a terminal full screen. Unzip RPS and then type:

cd RPS
java -jar


Rock Paper Smash is a fighting game that pushes the rock, paper, scissors meta of the Super Smash Brother series to forefront.

In standard Smash Bros. a player has three main options: attack, shield, and grab. While there are lots of other things you can do, these are the three main categories.

In Rock Paper Smash the idea is the same, you have the three same options: attack, shield, and grab. Attack when the opponent shields, and you get punished, shield when your opponent grabs and get grabbed, grab when your opponent attacks, and you get hit. Simple, right?



Got Java? No? Then go get it and come back.

Click on Releases in the top bar, and download the zip that'll probably be called

Extract all of the files from the archive.

Since I wrote this when I didn't know how to make a GUI and UMass Lowell only teaches commandline programs, this only works in a commandline. Welcome back to the 1980s. Open terminal if you're on Linux or OS X, or Command if you're on Windows.

Navigate to the directory you unzipped in your command prompt.

Maximize your terminal to get the full viewing experience 😎

Finally, type this command:

java -jar RPS.jar

Fox for life


##I'm on Windows, why does everything look weird?

Fight me Bill Gates. Windows uses a weird font for the terminal. Change it to something more standard to make it look better.

1. Right click on the top bar
2. Click on properties
3. Click on Font
4. Choose a smaller size for your current font
5. Hit OK

##Heeeelp everything doesn't fit on my screen

Go to your terminal settings, and make the font smaller.