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LoremImages is a jQuery plugin for populating your content with random images. Images are loaded from LoremPixel service and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

See the DEMO


$("#container").loremImages( width, height [, options ] );


width Width of all images [int]

height Height of all images [int]

options Optional plugin options [obj]. Options list:

  • count [int] number of images that should be loaded, default is 10
  • grey [bool] whether to load only black & white images, default is false
  • randomWidth [int] random range for width value, default is 0
  • randomHeight [int] random range for height value, default is 0
  • category [string] images category, defaul is all categories. can be: abstract, animals, city, food, nightlife, fashion, people, nature, sports, technics, transport
  • itemBuilder [function] function that returns HTML for one item. function arguments are: index, url, imgWidth, imgHeight. default output is <img src="[url]" alt="Lorempixel">
randomWidth & randomHeight options

With these two options you can randomize sizes of final images. For example, if width is 100 and options.randomWidth is 200, it will generate images from 100 to 300 pixels wide.


Call with all options

$("ul.images").loremImages( 100, 200, { // images base size 100 x 200 pixels
    count:        20,        // load 20 images
    grey:         1,         // load grey / black & white images
    randomWidth:  100,       // width will be in 100-200 range
    randomHeight: 100,       // height will be in 200-300 range
    category:     'fashion', // get images from fashion category
    itemBuilder:  function( index, url, width, height ){ // custom HTML output for UL container
        // `this` is jQuery wrapped container element
        return '<li><img src="'+url+'" width="'+width+'" height="'+height+'" alt="Image '+(i+1)+'"></li>';