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Failed request when opening a file accompanied by an analysis_options.yaml #3929

leafpetersen opened this issue Apr 15, 2022 · 4 comments
in editor Relates to code editing or language features in lsp/analysis server Something to be fixed in the Dart analysis server is bug


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Describe the bug

Opening a file in VSCode using File:open and selecting the file works fine if there is no analysis_options.yaml present.

If I create a dart file in a directory, with an analysis_options.yaml file next to it (contents don't seem to matter), and then use File:open to open that file from VSCode (without there already being a folder open) then I get the following error:

[Error - 4:27:32 PM] Request textDocument/documentSymbol failed.
  Message: File is not being analyzed
  Code: -32007 
[Error - 4:27:32 PM] Request textDocument/colorPresentation failed.
  Message: File is not being analyzed
  Code: -32007 

cc @bwilkerson @DanTup

To Reproduce

See above.

Expected behavior
Either no error (ideally) or an error message that tells me how to resolve the issue.

Upon request.

Please complete the following information:
Please complete the following information:

  • Operating System and version: Darwin leafp-macbookpro2.roam.internal 21.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 21.4.0: Fri Mar 18 00:46:32 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8020.101.4~15/RELEASE_ARM64_T6000 arm64

  • VS Code version:
    Version: 1.66.2 (Universal)
    Commit: dfd34e8260c270da74b5c2d86d61aee4b6d56977
    Date: 2022-04-11T07:49:20.994Z (4 days ago)
    Electron: 17.2.0
    Chromium: 98.0.4758.109
    Node.js: 16.13.0
    OS: Darwin arm64 21.4.0

  • Dart extension version: v3.38.2

  • Dart/Flutter SDK version: Dart SDK version: 2.18.0-edge.5910da4f021fd6c52359d43dc76f93bc11f492d3

  • Target device (if the issue relates to Flutter debugging): N/A

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DanTup commented Apr 16, 2022

I can repro this. I think it's a race condition (perhaps that came in when setting analysis roots became async). VS Code tells the server the file was opened, and then sends requests for a few things, including document symbols. I think that request is being processed before the roots have been set (which is now an async operation that waits for some watchers ready events, so could easily allow other requests to be processed before it's complete):

1650128847289:Res:{"id"::11,"jsonrpc"::"2.0","error"::{"code"::-32007,"message"::"File is not being analyzed","data"::"/private/tmp/darttest/foo.dart"}}

... if you modify the file so the request is sent again (without changing anything else), it succeeds:


Some possible fixes could be:

  • if a request triggers this condition and analysis roots are in the process of being rebuilt/discovered, wait for that to complete, then check again if the file is being analyzed
  • while analysis roots are being rebuilt, lock the request queue so no other requests begin processing until complete (this could be done using the mechanism recently added to do something similar for completions)

I think the second would probably be best (it would make the behaviour when changing roots more like it was when it was synchronous), but I'll do some testing.

@DanTup DanTup added in editor Relates to code editing or language features in lsp/analysis server Something to be fixed in the Dart analysis server labels Apr 16, 2022
@DanTup DanTup added this to the v3.40.0 milestone Apr 16, 2022
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The only advantage I can think of for the first is that we might be able to respond more quickly in some situations, but I think those situations are going to be uncommon enough that either is a reasonable solution.

@scheglov For visibility.

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DanTup commented Apr 19, 2022

The first turns out to be a little easier to implement too. The second requires taking the lock before any async boundaries, but for this case (no explicit roots, implied roots from open files) the are quite a few places the code goes before the rebuild starts and I'd rather not have to rely on (or ensure) none of those ever get any async code.

copybara-service bot pushed a commit to dart-lang/sdk that referenced this issue Apr 19, 2022
…arsed/resolved results in LSP handlers

Fixes Dart-Code/Dart-Code#3929.

Change-Id: I3176a603785b5e9546a4c1d7c3f818396eaec4bd
Reviewed-by: Brian Wilkerson <>
Commit-Queue: Brian Wilkerson <>
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DanTup commented Apr 19, 2022

Fix landed in dart-lang/sdk@422c23a. Let me know if you still see this (or anything like it) when you're on an SDK that includes that change. Thanks!

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in editor Relates to code editing or language features in lsp/analysis server Something to be fixed in the Dart analysis server is bug
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