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@DarthAffe DarthAffe released this Nov 18, 2017 · 5 commits to master since this release

This is another bigger update bringing the features from the new SDK into the game.

As a side-note: Considering the long release cycle from corsair I expect this to be the "final version" of CUE.NET. I wont work on the API anymore, just bugfixes if needed.
CUE.NET will be superseded by RGB.NET. Feel free to join the discord channel linked in the readme there :)


  • Updated SDK to 2.18.127 (This improves device-support e.g. glaive and headsetstand)
  • Added methods to use the new GetColor method
  • Added an event to get the key-change of special keys (G and M)
  • Fixed missing LoadedArchitecture assignment
  • Fixed an issue that prevents further reinitializing if an exception was thrown earlier

The new SDK isn't compatible with CUE 1. You'll have to install CUE 2 to use this version!

Update Since the new keypress-callback causes issues with reinitializing, it's no longer enabled by default. Use CueSDK.EnableKeypressCallback(); to enable it.

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