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Pluggable authentication for your FubuMVC application
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Provides a pluggable authentication infrastructure for your FubuMVC application.

How do I use it?

Step 1. Simply install it via NuGet:

Install-Package FubuMVC.Authentication

Step 2. Implement the services

If you run as-is, the bottle will blow up on you (on purpose) telling you that you're missing two things: 1) IAuthenticationService and 2) IPrincipalBuilder.

You will need to implement and register both of these custom-tailored services.

Step 3. [Optional] Configuration

If you wish to configure how the Bottle is applied, you can do the following:

Import<ApplyAuthentication>(x => {
    // Explictly state which behavior chains to authenticate
    x.Include(chain => ...);

    // Explicitly state which behavior chains to exclude from authentication
    x.Exclude(chain => ...);

    // By default, you get ~/login and ~/logout (with extensibility points). Use this method to turn them off.
    // If you use the defaults, just create a view that is typed against FubuMVC.Authentication.LoginRequest.
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