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A front-controller style MVC framework for .NET
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javascript finishing the work to merge diagnostics into core
lib removed the GettingStarted and cleaned out some really old, unused bi…
node_modules shell of the new diagnostics
packaging/nuget removing the obsolete docs nuspec files
src removing the old fubudocs work
templates Corrected csproj files for VS 2012
.bottle-alias fixing my bone headed screwup on bottling diagnostics
.gitignore adding something to gitignore for a temp file
.mailmap Very important change to fix "git shortlog -ns" output
Gemfile updated the fuburake dependency to the correct 1.2 version
ILMerge.exe checkpoint: got the new Katana in and it passes all tests
ILRepack.rb checkpoint: got the new Katana in and it passes all tests
TESTS.txt moved all the old diagnostics tests into the main UT library
VERSION.txt finishing the work to merge diagnostics into core
fubu finished importing fubu.exe. Closes GH-722
license.txt Update license.txt
package.json structuremap diagnostics are mostly working again
rakefile.rb diagnostics is able to load the structuremap diagnostics from the emb…
readme.markdown forcing a tc build
ripple.config trying to rip out obsolete detritus from old VS versions
webpack.config.js fixed links to views within a section, externalized jquery, added typ…



FubuMVC was originally created because of frustrations experienced when trying to override functionality in some of the other MVC frameworks, because of frustrations with static typed languages, and because we wanted to do something truly different.

So what makes it different?

We encourage you to see for yourself. We leverage compositional architecture, semantic models, and hardcore conventions to cook up a lot of "black magic". This isn't the kind of C# you see everyday.

Want some proof? Check this out:

Where's the documentation?

Yeah, we know. We've been criticized about this for a long time and it's still a problem. For now, hop on over to our Wiki.

What we lack in documentation, we make up for in response time in our mailing list. We welcome EVERY question and have a vibrant community willing to answer questions at all hours of the day/night.!forum/fubumvc-devel

Show me some examples

We have a working codebase that we're using for our documentation and screencasts. Take a look for an example of a barebones application:

Looking for our contribution guides? We moved them.

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