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A front-controller style MVC framework for .NET
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.paket turning paket auto restore off
javascript fixed the problem w/ section dropdown navigation in the diagnostics.
lib serenity compiles
packaging/nuget updated the StructureMap nuget version in nuspec and paket to release…
src disabled EmbeddedDatabaseRunner tests
templates converted tests to Fixie and package resolution to Paket. Closes GH-930
.bottle-alias rake full is passing with FT merged in!
.editorconfig fixed merge issues from the NOWIN addition and all the other work lately
.gitignore more fixes for Serenity w/ the service bus
.mailmap Very important change to fix "git shortlog -ns" output
Gemfile updated the fuburake dependency to the correct 1.2 version
NuGet.exe building nugets again in rake script. Closes GH-940
build.cmd Updated the readme. Closes GH-967
fubu finished importing fubu.exe. Closes GH-722
license.txt Update license.txt
package.json updated npm packages
paket.dependencies isolating the json serialization configuration on diagnostic chains. …
paket.exe Updated paket to 2.9.0 for perf improvements
paket.lock updated the StructureMap nuget version in nuspec and paket to release…
rakefile.rb being smarter about the PerformanceHistoryQueue when there is no root…
readme.markdown Updated the readme. Closes GH-967
webpack.config.js new LQ diagnostics are ready


Building FubuMVC

The FubuMVC codebase still uses Rake for build automation, but as of September 2015, you don't have to use Rake to develop with FubuMVC if you don't want to. You will need to have Node.js or Io.js and npm installed in order to build the client side assets for FubuMVC's diagnostics package before working with the C# code.

With Rake

Assuming you have Ruby 2.1+ installed on your computer, go to a command line and type...

  1. bundle install
  2. rake

Visual Studio.Net Only

There is a small command file called build.cmd that can be executed once to bring down nuget and npm dependencies and build the client side assets that FubuMVC needs for its embedded. diagnostics. Run this command at least once before opening Visual Studio.Net.

From there, open the solution file at src/FubuMVC.sln and go to town.

Working with Storyteller

  • rake open_st -- Opens the Storyteller test suite in the Storyteller client for interactive editing and execution
  • rake storyteller -- Runs all the Storyteller specifications

Working with Diagnostics

Open the diagnostics harness application to the browser with the command rake diagnostics. This command will start webpack in a new window against the client side attributes in the javascript folder in "watched" mode. This command also compiles and starts the DiagnosticsHarness application in a NOWIN server before opening a browser window to the newly launched application. The browser will auto-refresh whenever a new version of the webpack bundle.js file is saved. You will have to stop and restart the FubuMVC application to see any changes to the server side.

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