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bottles init -f
bottles init-pak src\FubuMVC.WebForms FubuWebForms -role binaries -noweb -f
bottles add-pak fubuwebforms
bottles init-pak src\FubuMVC.Core FubuMVC -role binaries -noweb -f
bottles assemblies add fubumvc
bottles add-pak fubumvc
bottles init-pak src\FubuTestApplication TestApp -role application -f
bottles add-pak testapp
bottles add-recipe baseline
bottles ref-bottle baseline web FubuMVC
bottles ref-bottle baseline web FubuWebForms
bottles ref-bottle baseline web FubuTestApp
fubu create-deployment FubuTestApp -recipe baseline -host web
bottles set-env-prop virtual-dir=FubuTestApp
bottles set-env-prop app-pool=FubuTestApp
bottles set-env-prop root=FubuTestAppRoot
bottles set-env-prop website-name=FubuTestAppWebsite
bottles ref-recipe default baseline
bottles set-profile-prop second virtual-dir=FubuDifferent
bottles set-host-prop baseline web FubuWebsite.DirectoryBrowsing=Enable
bottles create-all -target debug
copy src\FubuMVC.Deployers\bin\Debug\FubuMVC*.dll lib\bottles /Y
copy src\FubuMVC.Deployers\bin\Debug\FubuMVC*.pdb lib\bottles /Y
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