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using System;
using Bottles;
using Bottles.Diagnostics;
using Bottles.Exploding;
using FubuCore;
using FubuCore.CommandLine;
namespace Fubu
[CommandDescription("Display and modify the state of package zip files in an application folder")]
public class PackagesCommand : FubuCommand<PackagesInput>
private IFileSystem _system = new FileSystem();
public override bool Execute(PackagesInput input)
input.AppFolder = new AliasService().GetFolderForAlias(input.AppFolder).ToFullPath();
Execute(input, _system);
return true;
public void Execute(PackagesInput input, IFileSystem fileSystem)
var exploder = BuildExploder();
if (input.CleanAllFlag)
if (input.ExplodeFlag)
// TODO -- will need to do this for assembly packages as well
Console.WriteLine("Exploding all the package zip files for the application at " + input.AppFolder);
exploder.ExplodeAllZipsAndReturnPackageDirectories(input.AppFolder, new PackageLog());
// TODO -- this doesn't work for anything but fubu
if (input.RemoveAllFlag)
var packageFolder = BottleFiles.GetApplicationPackagesDirectory(input.AppFolder);
Console.WriteLine("Removing all package files and directories from the application at " + packageFolder);
new FileSystem().DeleteDirectory(packageFolder);
var otherFolder = input.AppFolder.AppendPath("fubu-content");
Console.WriteLine("Removing all package files and directories from the application at " + otherFolder);
new FileSystem().DeleteDirectory(otherFolder);
// TODO -- this needs to be redone
//REVIEW: should this be here?
public virtual IBottleExploder BuildExploder()
return BottleExploder.GetPackageExploder(new FileSystem());
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