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Contributing to FubuMVC

We welcome contributions. To faciliate a smooth process for you and us, please read Contributing to FubuMVC Guidelines before you make any changes.

Building FubuMVC

  1. git clone
  2. cd fubumvc
  3. git submodule update --init
  4. gem install albacore --no-rdoc --no-ri
  5. rake compile

Why does git status show that all of my files are modified?

FubuMVC is built by Windows users, so all of the text files have CRLF line endings. These line endings are stored as-is in git (which means we all have autocrlf turned off). If you have autocrlf enabled, when you retrieve files from git, it will modify all of your files. Your best bet is to turn off autocrlf, and re-create your clone of FubuMVC.

  1. Delete your local clone of the FubuMVC repository
  2. Type: git config --global core.autocrlf false
  3. Type: git config --system core.autocrlf false
  4. Clone the FubuMVC repository again

More information about working with git and FubuMVC

Where is CommonAssemblyInfo.cs?

CommonAssemblyInfo.cs is generated by the build. The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.

  1. Run InstallGems.bat to get the ruby dependencies (only needs to be run once per computer)
  2. open a command prompt to the root folder and type rake to execute rakefile.rb

If you do not have ruby:

  1. You need to manually create a src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file

    • type: echo // > src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs
  2. open src\FubuMVC.sln with Visual Studio and Build the solution

Setting up Sphinx

Sphinx is a Python tool we use to create the FubuMVC documentation. It requires Python to be installed

  1. Install Python from (Preferrably 2.7)
  2. Add Python to the PATH (i.e. c:\Python27)
  3. On 32 Bit Windows, skip this step. Follow these instructions to get easy_install installed
  4. Then run easy_install -U Sphinx
  5. Add the Python /Scripts directory to the PATH (i.e. c:\Python27\Scripts)
  6. Then test that sphinx-build is available, and Sphinx is now installed

Building the Documentation

  1. Run rake docs:html
  2. Open index.html from docs/build/
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