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using System;
using FubuMVC.Core.Runtime;
namespace FubuMVC.Core.Behaviors
public class OneInOneOutActionInvoker<TController, TInput, TOutput> : BasicBehavior where TInput : class
where TOutput : class
private readonly Func<TController, TInput, TOutput> _action;
private readonly TController _controller;
private readonly IFubuRequest _request;
public OneInOneOutActionInvoker(IFubuRequest request, TController controller,
Func<TController, TInput, TOutput> action)
: base(PartialBehavior.Executes)
_request = request;
_controller = controller;
_action = action;
protected override DoNext performInvoke()
var input = _request.Get<TInput>();
TOutput output = _action(_controller, input);
return DoNext.Continue;
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