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…s/sectionGroup to important sections for web,config for the example to work
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@@ -139,8 +139,14 @@ Press F5 and you should see
Now add your first layout (assumption is made you know how to write layout
files for razor). FubuMVC defaults to looking for Application.cshtml
-in the Shared folder at the root of our host application. Your solution should
-look like the following.
+in the Shared folder at the root of our host application. The Application.cshtml
+can be as simple as a one-liner like so:
+.. code-block:: html
+ <div>Host Application: @RenderBody()</div>
+Your solution should look like the following.
.. image:: ../images/organization_razor.png
:alt: organized razor files.
@@ -165,7 +171,8 @@ The FubuMVC implementation doesn't depend on those assemblies, but unfortunately
the tooling does for now.
Your web.config must be similar to the below sample. Important sections are the
-compilation section under system.web and the system.web.webPages.razor section.
+sectionGroup section under configSections, the compilation section under system.web
+and the system.web.webPages.razor section.
Lastly, you may need to close and reopen Visual Studio.

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