Super charged dependency management with Nuget without the merge hell
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packaging/nuget Got the store api key command and fixed the publish command. Closes #67 May 11, 2013
.gitignore Checkpoint: Can read/write from object blocks Feb 11, 2014
Gemfile Fixing the build. Bumped fuburake and FubuCsProjFile Feb 11, 2014
TESTS.txt Converted to fuburake May 20, 2013
VERSION.txt Adding the object block strategy Feb 11, 2014
license.txt checkpoint: put rake script in Sep 8, 2011
rakefile.rb Fix rake create_gem which fails by copying files to file not a direct… Oct 8, 2013 Change "aide" to "aid" Jul 23, 2013
ripple.config Bumping to the latest Nuget.Core. Closes #268 Feb 11, 2014


ripple was originally created to aid the Fubu team in managing large numbers of dependencies both locally and in continuation integration environments. It was designed to fill a gap in usage found with the NuGet client.


Our documentation is created by FubuDocs and hosted on our github pages: