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<title>StoryTeller guides</title>
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<strong>More at <a href="">StoryTeller on GitHub</a> </strong>
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<h1><a href="index.html" title="Guides">Guides</a></h1>
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<dt>Start Here</dt>
<dd><a href="getting_started.html">Getting Started with StoryTeller</a></dd>
<dd><a href="glossary.html">Glossary</a></dd>
<dd><a href="fixtures.html">Fixtures</a></dd>
<dd><a href="sentences.html">Sentences</a></dd>
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<li><a href="contribute.html">Contribute</a></li>
<li><a href="credits.html">Credits</a></li>
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<p>Imagine a world where developers, testers, and business stakeholders can collaborate with <a href="">executable requirements</a> &#8212;
human readable specifications that double as <strong>automated</strong> acceptance and regression tests. In a nutshell, StoryTeller is an open source tool for creating
<a href="">external DSL&#8217;s</a> . Unlike competing tools, StoryTeller <em>projects</em> the testing input into a human readable form
instead of parsing text or html to drive the testing machinery. No messy regex&#8217;s, no limitations on expressiveness, and the team can still write the necessary testing support
code in whatever .Net language they wish.</p>
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<dd class="warning">This documentation is based on the 1.0 version of StoryTeller.</dd>
<h3>Start Here</h3>
<dt><a href="getting_started.html">Getting Started with StoryTeller</a></dt><dd>
Everything you need to know to install StoryTeller and create your first application.
<dt><a href="glossary.html">Glossary</a></dt><dd>All the common terms in this documentation and StoryTeller itself that you probably want to know.</dd>
<dt><a href="fixtures.html">Fixtures</a></dt><dd>How to write Fixture classes.</dd>
<dt><a href="sentences.html">Sentences</a></dt><dd>How to write Sentence grammars.</dd>
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<p>This work is licensed under a <a href="">Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0</a> License</a></p>
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