Open source Prince of Persia engine written in Java.
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Open source Prince of Persia engine


  1. What is OpenPrince?
  2. Design goals
  3. Project status
  4. License and copyright

1. What is OpenPrince?

OpenPrince is an open source java reimplementation of the original Prince of Persia, created by Jordan Mechner. It is only an engine replacement, you will need the original data files to run it.

Place the original data files into a folder called "data" under the project folder.

Many algorithms and reverse engineered data are based on the Princed Project. Without their hard work, none of this would be possible.

2. Design goals

For the first milestone, this projects tries to re-create the original POP experience using the original game assets. After that, work can start on adding extra level features, additional renderers for extended graphics, and anything else that one can think of.

3. Project status

This project is at the planning and proof of concept stage at the moment, ideas, suggestions and contributions are quite welcome.

4. License and copyright

This program is available under GPL3 and uses other open source projects. Please see the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files for details.