An HTML wrapper that "surounds" Maraschino. This create an interface that facilitates mananging, researching and browsing all activities related to XBMC and its media.
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I think I have finalized my Maraschino Portal. I have been playing around with it for a couple of days, and I really like the way I can flow in and out of places as they relate to my XBMC browsing related activities. These activities include searching for new content, monitoring your SAB, SB, CP and HP. I can also hop in and out of my favorite web sites and my web mail interfaces.

I have cleaned up the file to the best of my abilities. I have also added instruction insede the index.html file on how to modify to your needs. If you are comfortable cutting and pasting and some rudimentary html editing, you should have no problem doing this.

Again, I am not a fancy programmer and I am sure my html could use some improvements please feel free to offer advice.

I don't think this is the direction Mr.K was to take Maraschino, but I find the workflow quite useful and intuitive. If you find yourself using it and making improvements, please share.