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The API is still pretty new and needs some serious cleaning up on the backend but should be
reasonably functional. There are no error codes yet,
General structure:
http://localhost:8181 + HTTP_ROOT + /api?apikey=$apikey&cmd=$command
Data returned in json format. If executing a command like "delArtist" or "addArtist" you'll get back an "OK", else, you'll get the data you requested
getIndex (fetch data from index page. Returns: ArtistName, ArtistSortName, ArtistID, Status, DateAdded,
[LatestAlbum, ReleaseDate, AlbumID], HaveTracks, TotalTracks,
IncludeExtras, LastUpdated, [ArtworkURL, ThumbURL]: a remote url to the artwork/thumbnail. To get the cached image path, see getArtistArt command.
ThumbURL is added/updated when an artist is added/updated. If your using the database method to get the artwork,
it's more reliable to use the ThumbURL than the ArtworkURL)
getArtist&id=$artistid (fetch artist data. returns the artist object (see above) and album info: Status, AlbumASIN, DateAdded, AlbumTitle, ArtistName, ReleaseDate, AlbumID, ArtistID, Type, ArtworkURL: hosted image path. For cached image, see getAlbumArt command)
getAlbum&id=$albumid (fetch data from album page. Returns the album object, a description object and a tracks object. Tracks contain: AlbumASIN, AlbumTitle, TrackID, Format, TrackDuration (ms), ArtistName, TrackTitle, AlbumID, ArtistID, Location, TrackNumber, CleanName (stripped of punctuation /styling), BitRate)
getUpcoming (Returns: Status, AlbumASIN, DateAdded, AlbumTitle, ArtistName, ReleaseDate, AlbumID, ArtistID, Type)
getWanted (Returns: Status, AlbumASIN, DateAdded, AlbumTitle, ArtistName, ReleaseDate, AlbumID, ArtistID, Type)
getSimilar (Returns similar artists - with a higher "Count" being more likely to be similar. Returns: Count, ArtistName, ArtistID)
getHistory (Returns: Status, DateAdded, Title, URL (nzb), FolderName, AlbumID, Size (bytes))
getLogs (not working yet)
findArtist&name=$artistname[&limit=$limit] (perform artist query on musicbrainz. Returns: url, score, name, uniquename (contains disambiguation info), id)
findAlbum&name=$albumname[&limit=$limit] (perform album query on musicbrainz. Returns: title, url (artist), id (artist), albumurl, albumid, score, uniquename (artist - with disambiguation)
addArtist&id=$artistid (add an artist to the db by artistid)
delArtist&id=$artistid (delete artist from db by artistid)
pauseArtist&id=$artistid (pause an artist in db)
resumeArtist&id=$artistid (resume an artist in db)
refreshArtist&id=$artistid (refresh info for artist in db from musicbrainz)
queueAlbum&id=$albumid[&new=True&lossless=True] (Mark an album as wanted and start the searcher. Optional paramters: 'new' looks for new versions, 'lossless' looks only for lossless versions)
unqueueAlbum&id=$albumid (Unmark album as wanted / i.e. mark as skipped)
forceSearch (force search for wanted albums - not launched in a separate thread so it may take a bit to complete)
forceProcess (force post process albums in download directory - also not launched in a separate thread)
getVersion (Returns some version information: git_path, install_type, current_version, installed_version, commits_behind
checkGithub (updates the version information above and returns getVersion data)
shutdown (shut down headphones)
restart (restart headphones)
update (update headphones - you may want to check the install type in get version and not allow this if type==exe)
getArtistArt&id=$artistid (Returns either a relative path to the cached image, or a remote url if the image can't be saved to the cache dir)
getAlbumArt&id=$albumid (see above)
getArtistInfo&id=$artistid (Returns Summary and Content, both formatted in html)
getAlbumInfo&id=$albumid (See above, returns Summary and Content)
getArtistThumb&id=$artistid (Returns either a relative path to the cached thumbnail artist image, or an http:// address if the cache dir can't be written to)
getAlbumThumb&id=$albumid (see above)