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A front-end for HTPCs
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What is Maraschino?

I wanted a simple web interface to act as a nice overview/front page for my XBMC HTPC. I couldn't find anything that suited my requirements so I created something myself.

You can find more information and setup instructions on the project homepage.

There's also a thread on the XBMC forums.



What features does it have?

  • Customisable applications module providing quick access to your web interfaces (e.g. SABnzb+, SickBeard, or whatever else you want to link to)

  • Recently added episodes module - click an episode to play it in XBMC

  • Media library browser - browse your movies and TV shows, and click to play in XBMC

  • SABnzbd+ module which appears when something is downloading and hides again when finished - shows you what is currently downloading, speed, time/MB remaining, and a progress bar

  • Currently playing bar with play/pause/stop controls

  • module which shows you what people are saying about the episode or movie that you're watching (requires a free account)

  • Sickbeard module which allows you to browse upcoming episodes (coming soon: the ability to manage Sickbeard from Maraschino)

  • Disk space module showing you used/remaining space on your various drives

  • Full-screen background image changes to the fanart of what you're currently watching (optional, can be turned off)

  • Customisable from within the application itself - no need to mess around with settings files

Uses Flask and some other awesome technologies (SQL-Alchemy, LESS CSS). Just set up to be served using Apache and mod_wsgi or however your prefer to do it.

This is an early-stage work-in-progress - if you run into any problems then let me know, perhaps I or somebody else can help (at the very least, bug reports are always welcome!)

Why is it called Maraschino?

If your HTPC is an ice cream sundae then Maraschino is the cherry on top.

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