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First, make a mock object that adopts the Mock protocol and satisfies the type requirements for the mock.

Then in the function you want to stub you can use value to get the value to return.

In your test, you can use stub to set the stubbed value.

import Moxie
import XCTest

protocol ExampleProtocol {
    func foo() -> String

class ExampleClass: ExampleProtocol {
    func foo() -> String {
        return "this is an example"

class MockExampleClass: ExampleProtocol, Mock {
    var moxie = Moxie()

    func foo() -> String {
        return value(forFunction: "foo") ?? ""

class ExampleClassTests: XCTestCase {

    let mock = MockExampleClass()

    func testItWorks() {
        mock.stub(function: "foo", return: "this is a different example")

        XCTAssertEqual("this is a different example",