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# This makefile is mostly just a wrapper around Dist::Zilla.
all: build
build: .build-timestamp
FIND_NON_HIDDEN_CMD := find $(1) -iname [^.#]*
# It's not possible to know in advance the name of the tarball created
# by `dzil build`, so we can't rely on its timestamp. This is a
# workaround, which creates a file of known path and uses its
# timestamp to decide whether the build is outdated.
.build-timestamp: $(call FIND_NON_HIDDEN,lib) $(call FIND_NON_HIDDEN,t) dist.ini weaver.ini
dzil clean && \
dzil build && \
date > .build-timestamp
dzil test
rm -f .build-timestamp && \
dzil clean
.PHONY: all clean build test