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Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReadmeFromPod
0.09 2010.04.28
Integrate patch by Mark Gardner <> to make
t/gist-329018.t pass on Win32 and other architectures that
don't have IO::Handle::sync()
0.08 2010.04.11
Accidentally released 0.07 with commit
1abffc5f8711ba77cb27c9bda719da4590f0987e which replaced
Pod::Text with Pod::Readme. Pod::Readme is too broken to use
for the reasons detailed in the Git commit log.
0.07 2010.04.11
Bumped for re-release to CPAN (was deleted)
0.06 2010.03.11
Using in-memory filehandles as commited in 0.05 doesn't work
for some unknown reason. There's a TODO test for this
t/gist-329018.t now taken from
0.05 2010.03.11
Using IO::Scalar instead of Perl's built-in open() to open
in-memory filehandles breaks in-memory Pod::Text processing of
POD documents containing UTF-8 (who knows why) (avar)
0.04 2009.06.16
require Pod::Text 3.13
0.03 2009.05.10
can override README if it already has [Readme]
0.02 2009.4.5
0.01 2009.4.5
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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