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kupfer, smart, quick launcher. `master' is kupfer's release branch and tracks the main repository at — All topic branches are Works in Progress and might be rebased. Kupfer Technical Documentation: [[Send email, not pull requests. Email <kupfer-list -> (or me)]]
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kupfer is a simple, flexible, launcher for Gnome

Credits:Copyright 2007–2011 Ulrik Sverdrup <>
Licence:GNU General Public License v3 (or any later version)

Kupfer is an interface for quick and convenient access to applications and their documents.

The most typical use is to find a specific application and launch it. We have tried to make Kupfer easy to extend with plugins so that this quick-access paradigm can be extended to many more objects than just applications.


This project is configured for the waf build system; waf is shipped in the distributable tarball but not in the repository. If you need to get waf, run:

wget -O waf
chmod +x waf

Installation follows the steps:

./waf configure


./waf install


sudo ./waf install

You can use --prefix=$PREFIX when configuring to assign an installation spot. By default, Kupfer is installed for all users. Installing only for your user, the prefix ~/.local is often used; you just have to make sure that ~/.local/bin is in your $PATH.

Build Requirements

  • Python 2.6 or Python 3
  • waf (see above)
  • intltool
  • optionally: rst2man (python-docutils) to install the manpage
  • optionally: xml2po (gnome-doc-utils) to install mallard help pages

Runtime Requirements

Kupfer requires Python 2.6 or later, and the following important libraries:

  • gtk python bindings, GTK+ version 2.20 [1]
  • glib python bindings (pygobject) 2.18
  • dbus python bindings
  • python-xdg
[1]GTK+ 2.20 required for using full support. Kupfer is known to run with version 2.18 as well.

Optional, but very recommended runtime dependencies:

  • python-keybinder (see below)
  • wnck python bindings
  • gvfs
  • keyring python module

Opportunistic dependencies

  • The deprecated 'gnome' module is used for session connection as fallback
  • If available, 'setproctitle' is used to set the process name
  • python-appindicator for ubuntu-style notification icon
  • nautilus-python for nautilus selected file
  • python-gdata for Google plugins

Some plugins will require additional python modules!


The program is installed as kupfer into $PREFIX/bin. Only one instance can be active for one user at a given time. Normal use of kupfer requires an active dbus session bus.

Keybinder Module

Keybinder is a module for global keyboard shortcuts that originates from tomboy.

You can use kupfer without the keybinder module, for example by assigning a global keybinding to the kupfer binary, but it not the recommended way.


Please read Documentation/ and Documentation/Manpage.rst for technical documentation. User documentation is installed as GNOME (Mallard) help pages, available under the "Kupfer Help" object in the program itself.

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