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+# OS X "Pseudo-Daemon"
+If you've ever tried to use Emacs in daemon mode on Mac OS X, you
+might have noticed that after you close the last graphical Emacs
+client frame, the Emacs dock icon and menu bar become non-functional
+until you create a new graphical frame. This package implements nearly
+identical behavior to daemon mode using a simple hack: whenever the
+last graphical frame is closed, a new hidden frame is created. The
+next time Emacs is activated, the hidden frame is revealed. The result
+is essentially the same as using daemon mode, but without the
+To turn the mode on or off, customize `osx-pseudo-daemon-mode`. If
+your Emacs config is shared across several different systems, feel
+free to enable the mode unconditionally. It has no effect on other
@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@
;;; Code:
+;; Try to require ns to ensure that (featurep 'ns) is t if ns is
+;; available.
(require 'ns nil 'noerror)
(defgroup osx-pseudo-daemon nil

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