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% mkplaylist - Make playlists from music file tags % Ryan C. Thompson

This is a tool that reads specific tags from your music files and uses them to generate m3u playlist files for your music. This way, you can always regenerate your playlists from your music files.


First, for each playlist you want to create, add a 'playlist' tag to each of the files in that playlist with a value of that playlist's name. If you want to put the same file in multiple playlists, simply add multiple 'playlist' tags. Any tag editor worth its salt should allow you to do this. A good example is Ex Falso. MUSIC_DIR [PLAYLIST_DIR]

This will create playlists for the music files in MUSIC_DIR and put those playlists in PLAYLIST_DIR, which defaults to being the same as MUSIC_DIR.

See the help for more options.