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@@ -109,20 +109,24 @@ This is called immediately prior to FRAME being closed."
;; TODO: Is `delete-frame-hook' an appropriate place for this?
(defadvice delete-frame (before osxpd-keep-at-least-one-ns-frame activate)
+ "When the last NS frame is deleted, create a new hidden one first."
(when osx-pseudo-daemon-mode
(osxpd-keep-at-least-one-ns-frame frame)))
;; This is the function that gets called when you click the X button
;; on the window's title bar.
(defadvice handle-delete-frame (around osxpd-never-quit-ns-emacs activate)
- "Never invoke `save-buffers-kill-emacs' when deleting NS frame."
+ "Never invoke `save-buffers-kill-emacs' when deleting NS frame.
+Instead, just delete the frame as normal."
(let ((frame (posn-window (event-start event))))
(if (and osx-pseudo-daemon-mode
(eq 'ns (framep frame)))
(delete-frame frame t)
(defadvice save-buffers-kill-terminal (around osx-pseudo-daemon activate)
+ "When killing an NS terminal, instead just delete all NS frames."
(let ((frame (selected-frame)))
(if (and osx-pseudo-daemon-mode
(eq 'ns (framep frame)))

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