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#The arcicle for this code is here:
$scriptlocation = "$env:windir\temp\afterreboot.ps1"
"Write-EventLog -Message 'HeadlessRestartTask: hi I ran on reboot' -LogName System -Source EventLog -EventId 333"| out-file $scriptlocation
start-sleep -s 2" | out-file $scriptlocation -append
"schtasks.exe /delete /f /tn HeadlessRestartTask" | out-file $scriptlocation -append
#This code schedules the above script
schtasks.exe /create /f /tn HeadlessRestartTask /ru SYSTEM /sc ONSTART /tr "powershell.exe -file $scriptlocation"
Write-Host "`"$scriptlocation`" is scheduled to run once after reboot."
#This oneliner schedules a bit of Powershell and self deletes without a script file.
#managing your quotes and escaping can be a challenge if your scheduled code is not simple
schtasks.exe /create /f /tn HeadlessRestartTask /ru SYSTEM /sc ONSTART /tr "powershell.exe -executionpolicy remotesigned -command 'Write-EventLog -Message HeadlessRestartTask_hi_I_ran_on_reboot -LogName System -Source EventLog -EventId 333 ; schtasks.exe /delete /f /tn HeadlessRestartTask'"
#PowerShell to schedule the above script at $scriptlocation
$TaskTrigger = (New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -atstartup)
$TaskAction = New-ScheduledTaskAction -Execute Powershell.exe -argument "-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File $scriptlocation"
$TaskUserID = New-ScheduledTaskPrincipal -UserId System -RunLevel Highest -LogonType ServiceAccount
Register-ScheduledTask -Force -TaskName HeadlessRestartTask -Action $TaskAction -Principal $TaskUserID -Trigger $TaskTrigger
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