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Mission Impossible Coding: Minimal, Universal Logging

  • Mission Impossible Code = Get the job done every time.
  • Minimal = Smallest amount of code to get the job done (yes this creates friction with "Universal").
  • Universal = Works on most possible editions / versions of the target environment.
  • Universal = Frequently provided as both Bash and PowerShell.
  • Universal = In this case the bash works on Linux and Windows and the PowerShell works on Linux and Windows.

Checkout the Mission Impossible Coding Blog series that this code is a part of:

Mission Impossible Code Part 2: Extreme Multilingual IaC (via Standard Code for Preflight TCP Connect Testing a List of Endpoints in Both Bash and PowerShell)

Related Mission Impossible Code and Philosophy

Back to Basics: Testable Reference Pattern Manifesto (With Testable Sample Code) - Mission Impossible Code samples are intended to be both 1) usable directly for production use and 2) a top notch pattern to use for your own innovation.

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