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A Marlin FW for the ST Microelectronics 3D printer board STEVAL-3DP001V1
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#Marlin4ST - v1.1.0

This repository proposes an example firmware for the ST Microelectronics 3D printer board STEVAL-3DP001V1.
The Marlin4ST firmware relies on STM32Cube and integers the 3D printer algorithms from the Marlin 1.1.0-RC7 firmware.
It can be used unchanged on the 3D Printer "Bicephale Mark One".
For other mechanics, you will need to update the file: stm32_cube\Middlewares\Third_Party\Marlin\configuration.h according to your configuration.

Hardware and Software environment

This example requires :

  • a 3D printer board STEVAL-3DP001V1
  • a 3D printer mechanic

How to load the FW?

A binary of the FW can be found under folder: \stm32_cube\Binary. To load it or to load your own binary into the 3D printer board, the easiest way is to use the mass storage interface provided by the embedded ST-LINK (simply drag and drop to disk). To use it, follow the procedure below:

  • Power on the 3D Printer board by connecting its connectors Vin (12V-24V) and Gnd to a DC power supply
  • Connect the ST 3D Printer reference board to a PC with the USB cable through the ST Link USB port. Jumper J22 (boot mode selection) must be set.
  • In your files explorer, a new drive should appear in the list of removable storages. If this is not the case, this is probably because you haven't the ST-Link USB driver. You can find it here.
  • Just copy, the binary file to the root of this new drive. Then refresh your file explorer: if the binary file has disappeared and no error log file has been generated, it means the binary file has been successfully loaded.
  • Reset the board to start the loaded binary file. To correctly start the default firmware requires a SD card with a configuration file.

How to build the FW?

In order to recompile the program , you must do the following :

  • Open OpenSTM32 (SW4STM32) toolchain (you can download installer for your OS here. You shall be register to download it for free
  • the workspace location must be stm32_cube/STM32/Projects/SW4STM32
  • then In ProjectExplorer, import an existing project into workspace : stm32_cube/STM32/Projects/SW4STM32/Marlin_3DPrinter/
  • Rebuild all files and load your image into target memory
  • Run the example

Recent changes

###** version 1.1.0**

  • First version based on Marlin 1.1.0-RC7
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