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+pwhash versions allow for three different kinds of releases: major, minor and
+bugfix releases that are encoded as `major.minor.bugfix` in the version. Each
+type of release makes it possible to quickly ascertain which kinds of changes
+have been made and how that affects compatibilty.
+Major releases are made whenever a backwards incompatible change has been
+introduced, minor releases are made whenever a new feature has been introduced
+and bugfix releases are made whenever a bugfix has been introduced.
+In other words when using pwhash make sure to declare it as a dependency in a
+way that prevents the install mechanism to use a different pwhash version it
+was intended for. If you want to support multiple major releases you should run
+your tests with both.
+Which versions are maintained or supported is decided based on a simple set of
+1. Bugfix releases are made for all supported minor versions.
+2. The latest minor versions of all supported major versions are supported.
+3. Minor releases are made for the latest major version.
+4. The latest major version is supported.
+5. The major version prior to the last major version is supported at most until
+ a minor release has been made.

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