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Dash.js v3.1.1

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@dsilhavy dsilhavy released this 22 May 14:11
· 663 commits to master since this release


#3217 Improve live delay calculation for SegmentTimeline manifests. Do not start at the beginning of the DVR window if no valid request could be generated at the target live edge.
#3139 Do internal seek command only if it is needed when first media segments are pushed.
#3219 Restructure, make sample section more prominent.
#3135 Add tests on parameters. Avoid creating BufferController if the media type is not defined.
#3236 Add onAbort handler for fetch loader.
#3235 Add onabort handler for legacy Chrome.


#3242 Fix handling of DASH inline events.
#3225 Fix wrong default value of suggestedPresentationDelay in documentation.
#3238 Fix thumbnail track rendering.
#3198 Fix a bug when video element is attached inside a shadow DOM at its root.
#3213 Fix functional tests in Edge browser.
#3250 Add prevent code for null reference in getSegmentByIndex().


#3210 Code refactoring of the FragmentModel. Remove circular dependencies.
#3252 Code refactoring of StreamProcessor and Stream. Remove circular dependencies.