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This utility synchronizes Calendar entries between different calendar providers (Apps like Outlook,Services EWS/Google/Live). The project tries to improve upon the bugs and well as provide new functionality. There will be more features added with every release. Its recommended to use the latest version. Please share your experience with us.

Downloads : Download Image

Latest Release : Release Image

Installer Details

Different types of installers are available

  • Standard MSI installer
  • Zip Installer (for users behind corporate Proxy/Firewall)

Primary Dependency

.Net Framework 4.5 (setup will automatically install it)/Can be manually installed as required


Main Layout


  • Select outlook calendar from different profiles and mailboxes
  • Select outlook calendar from different profiles and mailboxes
  • Synchronize calendar entries
    • Outlook -> Google
    • Google -> Outlook
    • Outlook <-> Google (Bidirectional)
  • Calendar Entry Info includes description, Location, reminder, attendees, privacy, availability
  • Run application when computer starts
  • Minimize to tray option for close button
  • Comparison on unique identifier
  • Date Range Selection for Sync
  • Deletes duplicate entries
  • Add/Delete calendar entries to Google thru batch request
  • Check for latest releases of the software
  • Setup Sync Frequency
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
  • Logging Added for Diagnostic
  • Verbose status update

Troubleshooting and Diagnostic

Application log file location : <Os Drive>:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\CalendarSyncPlus\Log\CalendarSyncPlus.log

Future updates

We are Committed to adding new features to support different Calendar apps and service providers