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Welcome to the Automato wiki!

This is documentation for editing scripts. For general A Tale in the Desert usage and macro information, see the ATITD Wiki

This page was recently ported from a text file and the ATITD wiki, and could use some cleanup! This wiki should be editable by anyone with a GitHub account, please help us improve our documentation!

Join the Automato Discord to interact with other scripters.

To contact the authors, please use the issues page or find more information on the Official Web Site.

Table of Contents

Source Code

Source code for Automato is not required to create, edit, and maintain macros. It is available via public SVN (recommended to use TortoiseSVN): svn://www.dashingstrike.com/other/VeggieTales . Commit access available to anyone who asks. It might move it to GitHub someday, but external dependencies and Git don't work as magically as SVN.

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