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ToDo List

  • Waiting to add to group
  • Clean up
  • How to mine
  • /community: Discord twitter etc
  • Add sendChatAction for longer operations


All commands associated with making a transaction will have a 0.0001 network fee. Keep that in mind when tipping or withdrawing.


This bot enables users to send tips to users they find helpful.

To do this, the sending user firstly has to generate a deposit address by sending /deposit to the bot in private. The user would then send ZEN to that address and wait until /mybalance shows the correct balance.

Once that balance has updated, the user can reply to the helpful message with /tip and the amount in ZEN behind it. (/tip 0.01)

If the user has enough funds, the bot will tell the helpful user in the group that they received a tip. If the funds are not enough (forgot to substract tip for example) nothing will happen.


A user that received a tip can either use that tip to tip other users, or withdraw their tip to their own address.

This can be done with /myaddress and /withdraw. Firstly, the user has to set their receiving address by using /myaddress t-addr.

They can then use /withdraw with the amount following to withdraw their balance.


The ZenBot also has a small reputation system built in. Users that received helpful advice can reply to the helping user with /thanks to increase their score.

Their own score can be seen by sending /mythanks to the bot in private.

There also is a scoreboard which can be seen by sending /scoreboard to the bot. The top 3 users with the most thanks qualify for a special reward before the scoreboard is reset each month.

That reward is sent to their /deposit-address and can be withdrawn like a tip would (/withdraw).


ZEN zni7tRLevBnJxWMzkUoMVze1e6RCSPDdbfw

BTC 122WSgrn2YVG6KQSKB53jfCaZYi3xMi6nb

ETH 0x4b39187EBBb674Fb659A81a433D8e8AfbE3aA32b