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Data visualisation Berlin

Here, you find the source code of the website of the Datavis Berlin hosted at The website is build with build with Hugo and deployed on Netlify.

The website is an open list about everything related to data visualisation in Berlin. Feel free to make a pull request if you want to add someone, a company, a place, a meetup, …. If you are not familiar with coding you can also contact me through or on Twitter. Of course, you can also contact me for any mistakes, suggestions, corrections, …

Adding an item

All the items are listed in yaml-files in the /data folder. Usually, each item in the list follows the same structure:


- [Jonas Parnow,]


Jonas Parnow

The first item in the array is the text that is going to be displayed. The second item is the link.

Multiple links per item

If you want to add multiple links per items, you declare the item as array with all the links inside. The first link is displayed normally; all the following are in parentheses.


  - [Universität der Künste,]
  - [Digitale Klasse,]


Universität der Künste (Digitale Klasse, …)


Programms follow a slightly different syntax:


- [FH Potsdam,Urban Complexity Lab,]


FH Potsdam: Urban Complexity Lab

Here, every item consists of three elements. First the institute, then the label and then the link.

Adding a job offer

Every job offer is a file in the /content/jobs/ folder. You can a new job with Hugo with

hugo new jobs/

Without Hugo, just create a file with a unique job name (for example in the jobs folder.

Inside this file, fill out the following fields:

# Title to be displayed with a short description (max. 110 characters)
title: "Design Director UI/Data Viz (full time) M/F/D"
# Date you added this job
date: 2020-04-08T13:22:57+02:00
# Date when job offer should disappear from the website
expirydate: 2020-06-01
draft: false
# Name of the company (with department if you want) (e.g. "Wikimedia Foundation, Technology")
place: "Company name"
# Direct link to the job offering (e.g. "")
link: ""

Adding a translation

That would be super good :)

The files that need to be translated are content/, i18n/en.toml and parts of config.toml. All can be opend in a text editor.

In the first TOML file, the part after other = is where the translation goes. The part above is the key, where the text is placed. You don’t need to worry about that. In the Markdown file, the title and everything after the three dashes needs to be translated. In the config TOML file, these parts are relevant:

LanguageName = "English"
description = "An open list to the data visualisation scene in Berlin. All people, things and places that are related to visualisation, infographic, data art, data journalism, reasearch, and data tools are welcome!"
keywords = "data visualisation visualization design infographic infromation graphic data-driven journalism ddj interfacedesgin"

You don’t need to worry how to add the language. Just contact me and I’ll take the translated files from there. If you need more guidance, feel free to ask me :)