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Kernel Experiments

NOTE (9-10-2013): A bug has been fixed in the F1 computation, which results in higher F1 scores, however the ordering between scores has not changed. Originally the F1 was erroneously computed as: TP / (TP + FN + FP), now it is correctly computed as: 2TP / ((2TP) + FN + FP).

This project contains classes that run experiments with the kernels and classfiers in the proppred project.

  • exp contains different experiments, all of them with a main method to execute them.
  • exp.utils contains utility classes to create experiments, such as single experiments and result objects.
  • exp.ecml2013 contains the experiments for the ECML/PKDD 2013 paper: de Vries, G.K.D. "A Fast Approximation of the Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernel for RDF Data".
  • exp.dmold contains experiments for the submission to the Data-Mining on Linked Data Workshop.
  • exp.old contains old code for experiments, which will be removed at some point.


This software was supported by the Dutch national program COMMIT.