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Copyright © Rinke Hoekstra, VU University Amsterdam, 2013


With PROV-O-Viz you can visualize any provenance graph expressed using the W3C PROV-O vocabulary as an intuitive Sankey diagram. Really neat.

PROV-O-Viz was developed by the Data2Semantics project, funded under the COMMIT/ programme.

How to use it

Go to the PROV-O-Viz website at

To see what it does, you can point PROV-O-Viz to your own SPARQL endpoint, containing Named Graphs with PROV-O activities and entities in it.

Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste some of PROV-O in Turtle format in the Paste-And-Go form.

Finally, you can POST PROV-O in Turtle format to the PROV-O-Viz service, and we'll return a self-contained HTML snippet for you to include in your website.

  • The service lives at, and
  • expects a POST with a graph_uri parameter (a URI that identifies your provenance graph), and
  • a data parameter that contains a Turtle serialization of a PROV-O graph