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HCA Data Browser

The HCA Data Browser is an AngularJs, built with the Angular CLI tool.

Development Environment Setup


  1. node 14.16.0
  2. npm 6.14.11
  3. git-secrets must be installed

1. Clone the Repo

    git clone [folder_name]

2. Install Client-Side Dependencies

	npm install -g angular-cli

Navigate to the spa directory and install client-side dependencies.

	npm install

3. Development Server

To start the Angular development server, run the following from the spa directory:

	npm start

You can hit the server at http://localhost:4200.

4. Install git-secrets

If you have push access to the remote, you'll need to install git-secrets, enable the commit hooks for it and configure patterns for AWS and Google:

git secrets --install
git secrets --register-aws
git secrets --add '[-]----BEGIN.PRIVATE.KEY-----'


The deployment runbook can be accessed here