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Cubes Visualizer

Cubes Visualizer is an application for browsing and visualizing data from a cubes Slicer server.


Primary use:

  1. have a slicer server running – remotely or locally
  2. open the visualizer index file in your browser. The file is located in the source directory in cubes/server/visualizer/index.html
  3. Specify the slicer URL. http://localhost:5000 is the default.

Note: this stand-alone static page is the intended use of the visualizer.

Alternative use (linked with the server):

  1. run the slicer with --visualizer default option and open http://localhost:5000/visualizer. Confirm the default URL.

Note: might be changed in the future.


  1. Copy the static files cubes/server/visualizer to desired location.
  2. Specify slicer URL.

Note: you might connect to any slicer server, for example: