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Various resources pertaining to the usage of APIs within INSPIRE
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STA Documentation
SensorThings API Viewer


Here we provide various resources pertaining to the usage of APIs within INSPIRE. In the sections below we provide an overview of the APIs we will be deploying as well as the data sources we will be deploying this data on.

For more resources on how to deploy such APIs, please also see our Project Wiki


OGC API - Features

Pertaining to OGC API - Features, we will be providing this API in two versions

  • Geoserver: GeoServer can provide OGC API - Features as an alternative access point on existing GML deployments utilizing App Schema via an extension.
  • Simple OGC API Development

OGC SensorThings API

  • FROST: The Fraunhofer Open Source SensorThings API will be utilized for the provision of SensorThings API deployments

Data Sources

At present, we are still in the process of deploying the APIs on data sources hosted by our data providers. As these resources become available, they will be added to the list below.

Austro Control (AT)



Hamburg (DE) - Smart City Sensors

Baden Würtenberg Water (DE)

ZAMG (AT) - Meteorological Data

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