Standalone micro-framework for declarative/codeless configuration of page functionality.
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Interaction Lib (2.1)

by Mark Nelson, Dave Reed, Mike Stum

Documentation: Here

This is a standalone prototyping framework that provides markup-wiring for common ajax and UI interactions.


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What it does:

  • Provides declaractive wirings for page functionality and interactions through common data attributes.
  • Can quickly piece together a prototype with little to no wireup coding required.
  • Useful for rapid prototyping of single-page interactions.
  • Built with custom interaction libraries in mind.

Change Log

2.1.1 : Increased unit test coverage

2.1.1 : Added ajax-view behavior

2.1.1 : Added ajax-nav behavior

2.1 : Hello node world

2.1 : Unit tests - basic coverage (so far)

2.1 : Project broken out for testability and sanity

2.0 : Fixed a bug with form serialization to handle null element values better

2.0 : Fixed a bug in and updated the functionality of contextSelector. Documentation updated to reflect.

2.0 : Previous versions retired. Will now be standalone. Redefining purpose of framework.

1.4 : Transitioned to .on from .live to be compliant with jquery 1.9.1+