Get Chef stats & events directly into Datadog
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* [appraisals] Force `json` and `rack` version constraints for chef 11

* [travis] Update rubygems and bundler in `before_install` step

This makes rubygems and bundler slightly smarter in terms of installing
gems that are compatible with the version of ruby


An Exception and Report Handler for Chef.

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Using chef-handler-datadog

This can be installed by using the dd-handler recipe from the datadog cookbook.

run_list 'foo::bar', 'datadog::dd-handler'

Windows support

The chef handler does work on Microsoft Windows however limitations with SSL + Ruby on Windows require extra setup. One solution is to set the SSL_CERT_FILE environmental variable to the one that chef uses on the machine to fix this issue. Here is how chef fixes the issue.

# Setup the certs for ruby in windows
env 'SSL_CERT_FILE' do
  action :create
  value "C:\\opscode\\chef\\embedded\\ssl\\certs\\cacert.pem"

The Datadog Docs on Chef has detailed instructions.

Contributing to chef-handler-datadog



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