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Datadog Trace Agent

An agent that collects traces from various sources, normalizes, pre-processes, samples them and computes statistics before sending them to the Datadog API.

Run on Linux or macOS

The Trace Agent is packaged with the standard Datadog Agent. Just run the Datadog Agent.

To install the trace agent from source, follow the instructions in the development section of this document.

Run on Windows

On Windows, the trace agent is shipped together with the Datadog Agent only since version 5.19.0, so users must update to 5.19.0 or above. However the Windows trace agent is in beta and some manual steps are required.

Update your config file to include:

apm_enabled: yes
log_file = C:\ProgramData\Datadog\logs\trace-agent.log

Restart the datadogagent service:

net stop datadogagent
net start datadogagent

For this beta the trace agent status and logs are not displayed in the Agent Manager GUI.

To see the trace agent status either use the Service tab of the Task Manager or run:

sc.exe query datadog-trace-agent

And check that the status is "running".


First, make sure Go 1.11+ is installed. You can do this by following the steps on the official website. After cloning the repo, simply run the following command in the root of the datadog-agent repository:

go install ./cmd/trace-agent

You may now run the agent using trace-agent (considering the path $GOPATH/bin is in your system's $PATH). For any type of troubleshooting, check the agent output or logs (/var/log/datadog/trace-agent.log on Linux) to ensure that traces are sane and that they are reaching the Datadog API.

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