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Datadog Formula

SaltStack Formula to install the Datadog Agent and the Agent based integrations, also called Checks. See the full Salt Formulas installation and usage instructions.

Available States


Installs, configures and starts the Datadog Agent service.


Configure the right repo and installs the Agent.


Configures Agent and Integrations using pillar data. See pillar.example.

NOTE: in order to split a single check type's configuration among multiple pillar files (eg. to configure different check instances on different machines), the pillar_merge_lists option must be set to True in the Salt master config (or the salt minion config if running masterless) (see https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/ref/configuration/master.html#pillar-merge-lists).


Runs the Datadog Agent service, watching for changes to the config files for the Agent itself and the checks.


Stops the service and uninstall Datadog Agent.


To ease the development of the formula, you can use Docker and Docker Compose with the compose file in test/docker-compose.yaml.

First, build and run a Docker container to create a masterless SaltStack minion. You have the option of choosing either a Debian- or Redhat-based minion. Then, get a shell running in the container.

$ cd test/
$ TEST_DIST=debian docker-compose run masterless /bin/bash

Once you've built the container and have a shell up and running, you need to apply the SaltStack state on your minion:

$ # On your SaltStack minion
$ salt-call --local state.highstate -l debug


A proper integration test suite is still a Work in Progress, in the meantime you can use the Docker Compose file provided in the test directory to easily check out the formula in action.


  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

Run the formula

$ cd test/
$ TEST_DIST=debian docker-compose up

You should be able to see from the logs if all the states completed successfully.