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Instrument your Capistrano deploys, generating events in Datadog which you can correlate with metrics in order to figure out what caused production issues.

To set up your Capfile:

require "capistrano/datadog"
set :datadog_api_key, "my_api_key"

# (optional) create an event for every host
# default: create a global event
# Warning: as this feature can create a lot of events,
# please use it in conjonction with datadog_event_filter
# set :datadog_record_hosts, false

# (optional) filter the events sent to Datadog
# default: no filter
# for instance, only push the production event
# set :datadog_event_filter, proc { |event, hosts| event.msg_title.include?('ran production') ? [event, hosts] : nil }

You can find your Datadog API key here. If you don't have a Datadog account, you can sign up for one here.

capistrano/datadog will capture each Capistrano task that that Capfile runs, including the roles that the task applies to and any logging output that it emits and submits them as events to Datadog at the end of the execution of all the tasks. If sending to Datadog fails for any reason, your scripts will still succeed.