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* [elasticsearch] Creating parameter detailed_index_stats to be used with cluster_stats if you want to pull index-level metrics

* Update elastic/assets/configuration/spec.yaml

Co-authored-by: Jorie Helwig <>

* [elastic] ddev validate config --sync elastic

* [elastic] Adding tests for when an index name start with a dot "."

* [elastic] Asserting all metrics instead of 1 at a time

Co-authored-by: Paul <>

* [tests] [detailed_index_stats] Asserting rest of metrics for tests to pass

* [elastic] Adding correct columns to elastic/metadata.csv

* [elastic] Adding missing metrics to metadata.csv

* [elastic] Remove system.* metrics from metadata.csv for now

Co-authored-by: Paul <>

* [elastic] Remove system.* metrics from assert_metrics_using_metadata

Co-authored-by: Paul <>

* [elastic] Remove aggregator.assert_all_metrics_covered()

Co-authored-by: Paul <>

* [elastic] python-black on elastic/tests/

Co-authored-by: Jorie Helwig <>
Co-authored-by: Paul <>


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Datadog Agent Integrations - Core

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This repository contains the Agent Integrations that Datadog officially develops and supports. To add a new integration, please see the Integrations Extras repository and the accompanying documentation.

The Datadog Agent packages are equipped with all the Integrations from this repository, so to get started using them, you can simply install the Agent for your operating system. The AGENT_CHANGELOG file shows which Integrations have been updated in each Agent version.


Working with integrations is easy, the main page of the development docs contains all the info you need to get your dev environment up and running in minutes to run, test and build a Check. More advanced documentation can be found here.

Reporting Issues

For more information on integrations, please reference our documentation and knowledge base. You can also visit our help page to connect with us.

GPG public keys

An up-to-date list of all developers authorized to sign releases can be found here.